Charting the Northeast Passage Part 4 – Siberian Sailing

The Northeast Passage was one of my favorite sailing routes in Uncharted Waters 1 and New Horizons. With the arrival of Gran Atlas, the Passage is finally here in Uncharted Waters Online! But how difficult is it to actually sail through the Passage? Here is the story of my efforts to chart UWO’s Northeast Passage…..

After receiving my new permits in Amsterdam, I sailed back into the Russian Arctic to begin my fourth day of charting the NE Passage. The charting quests are now becoming quite routine – and even repetitive. Alot of sailing here-and-there, fishing along the way, and stopping over at the supply ports to resupply for another trip. On this day, my goal was to chart the sea zones in Siberia – Kotelny Island, the East Siberia Sea, and the Chukchi Sea (the Chukchi Sea also covers the northern part of the Bering Straits). As in the Northern Euraisan region, many of my map chart quests required me to sail into inlets or around islands, requiring a certain amount of tight sailing. The ice floes in the Chukchi Sea were also more damaging than those in the western parts of the NE Passage. The good news is that the GvoNavi program finally began to work again in the Chukchi Sea.

After sucessfully completing all the charts for the Siberian sea zones, I made my way back to Amsterdam via Tiksi (supply port for the Siberian part of the NE Passage) and Bergen. In Amsterdam, I received my last set of permits for the NE Passage from Mercator: Kamchatka, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Bering Seas.


My journey to chart the Northeast Passage is almost done….


…..To Be Concluded


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