Alvaro’s Cooking Guide

Below are a number of tips and tricks for ranking the Cooking skill.  Most of these tips also work for other production skills (e.g. Casting, Handicrafts, etc.)  Some of these tips are based on personal in-game experiences; others are from the UWO wikis and from knowledge gained from school chat.  I will try to update this guide if I learn something else.  Comments and Suggestions for improving this guide are also welcome!


Cooking/Crafting/Casting Tips

1. Do not refill your vigor above half full or you’ll need stomach medicine

2. Pair alcohol with food and alternate between alcohol and milk so you don’t get drunk so easily (need sober if u do).  If you get drunk, keep pairing milk with food and eventually you’ll get sober again.

3. Sober can be found at bazaar, company store, and in Syracuse (Syra) dungeon.  Stomach medicine can be found in bazaar and company store as well.

4. Make sure to do some research while you’re producing stuff.  A good one to use is Basic Prod. Tech I from the 2 star research building (1000 pages, 5 for basic prod, 15 for great prod; 50 credits/thesis submitted).

5. Try to use college skills to improve production.  Useful skills include “Increase Production Success Rate (IPSR) I” (500 credits needed); IPSR II (1500 Credits), IPSR III (5000 Credits), and IPSR IV

6. Use your ship with the largest cargo hold if youre crafting trade goods.  For consumables, the maximum number you can carry with you is 200.  You can store up to 999 consumables and 999 trade goods in quarter storage.

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