Dungeon’s F.A.Q.

Below are some tips for having a more successful (and less stressful) dungeon run in Uncharted Waters Online (UWO). Like my cooking guide, the following are based on a combination of knowledge learned from the Internet and school chats as well as from personal experience running Syracuse Dungeon. Regardless of whether or not you believe the dungeons and ESBTS should exist in UWO (and there is plenty of room to debate that), the fact remains that they DO exist, or at least they will until the next update comes along. Therefore, the advice in this guide is subject to change (and probably will change as I gain more experience in the dungeons).

Anyways, I hope you will find this guide useful. When run properly, dungeons can earn you millions of cash early in the game, and that is never a bad thing, especially if you are just starting out in UWO.

So Enjoy…And as always, feel free to make any comments or suggestions!

1. What Are Dungeons?

Dungeons are places in UWO where you battle enemies to collect rewards and open treasure chests.

Dungeons are a very common feature in MMORPG’s, although they did not exist in UWO three years ago when the game first became available outside Japan. The easiest and most popular dungeon is located at the Syracuse Church (or “Syra”). There, you will always find players running the dungeon either by themselves (which is how I prefer to run Syra) or in groups.

2. What Are ESBTS?

ESBTS stand for “Expedition Ship Boarding Tickets.” I nickname these “golden tickets” since they pretty much work the same way Willy Wonka’s tickets worked (i.e.to get you into the “dungeon factory”).

When you successfully complete a dungeon run, you will receive 1 ESBT, which you can later use from any major port to “teleport” to the last dungeon you visited and then return after completing it. In the case of Syra, a “sucessful dungeon run” means completing the first AND second upper floors. You will not receive the ESBT if you only complete the first floor.

***NOTE: I am not sure who earns the ESBT if you are running the dungeon in a group, but I think it’s either randomly chosen or the expedition leader will receive it. ***

3. When Can I Go Into the Dungeons?

Technically, you can enter any upper floor of any dungeon as soon as you have “discovered it” (i.e. you can sail to where the dungeon’s located with the proper port permit). Unless you are in a group, however, it’s generally NOT a good idea to go into the dungeon if you are too low a level.

UPDATE: After sailing around the world, I have learned that you cannot enter just any dungeon. To my knowledge, you can only do that with Syracuse, Bordeaux, and Lima (and only the upper floors)0. Everywhere else requires a quest (or quest chain) to unlock the upper floors of the dungeon.

The level required to successfully complete a dungeon run depends, of course, on which dungeon you choose to run, the equipment you have, your character’s skill levels, and your own personal skill. If you are brand new to UWO, I personally would not recommend running any dungeon (even Syra Church) until you’ve completed the “land battle tutorial” at Pisa (via an advanced school). The game, of course, won’t stop you from running the dungeons if you are at 0/0/0, but you’ll probably die within a few seconds since land battle is dependent not only on what gear and items you have but on your OVERALL level count (e.g. 15/15/15 versus 5/20/5). And this also applies to more advanced dungeons beyond Syra.

Another thing to consider is that you cannot begin using the bazaar or exchange until you reach level 11 in at least one of your classes. So you might want to wait until you’ve reached that level before going into the dungeon.

4. What’s the Best Weapon to Use in the Dungeons?

From what I’ve read on the Internet and from school chat, range weapons (e.g. guns, bow-and-arrow) are the best weapons to use in the dungeons. The reason is that you can trigger traps by running around the dungeon during land battle. Therefore, the best way to minimize triggering traps is by not running around too much, and the best way to do that is to use long range weapons.

That being said, when running Syra dungeon, I use the Guisarme, which is a short-range spear available for 45,000 ducats from the Plymouth Shopkeeper. The reason why I use this weapon is because it is relatively cheap (45K is VERY CHEAP compared to two or three million ducats), easily available (since it’s from NPC’s rather than the player bazaar), and has a solid attack power (26). There are of course other good weapons you can use for the dungeon, but to the best of my knowledge, the Guisarme is one of the easiest and strongest weapons to use for aspiring dungeoneers in UWO.

5. What Are the Best Items to Use in the Dungeon?

One word: Explosives. They are not cheap to buy, especially if you are new to the game, but one explosive can pretty much knock out a level 5 NPC and severely damage a level 7 or 10 NPC. They are also easily available from the pedllar in Syracuse (sometimes they sell out, but theyre usually available again after a few minutes).

Another good item to use is soma. Somas are available from the Coliseum clerk in Rome (you can go there via the Naples Charioteer). They are 1000D a piece. Somas cure whatever status you are in, from poisoned to laceration, so they are actually quite useful. Somas are both relatively cheap and do not drain your gauge very much (only 10 energy required to use one of these). Make sure to get at least a few of these before going into the dungeon.

That being said, be careful when using items in the dungeon. You do not want to be stuck using an item prematurely only to find out that you should’ve saved your battle energy for healing or for using another item. Timing is everything when using items in land battle.


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