Frustration, Frustration…


From the OGPlanet Forums:

We understand your frustration, however they do not help in resolving the issue in any ways. Please do not spam forum with multiple threads regarding to this issue, reply to this post if you wish to comment. All other posts regarding to the same issue will be removed.

Unfortunately we have experienced OGP wide login issue in the early morning. Players already logged into the game are not affected.

We are fully aware of the external reason causing it and IT team is doing what they can to mitigate the it. However, the issue may repeat. We ensure you that any game data (characters/items/astro purchases) will not be affected, it’s strictly related to login/launcher.

If you wish to comment on it, you can reply this post. Please do not start multiple posts discussing this issue, it’s not necessary and they will be removed.


I have not been playing UWO a whole lot for the past several months.  This is due to a number of reasons having to do with the game itself and with personal matters.  When I first heard about the Atlantis updates, however, I started to get excited again for the game. I downloaded the updates, and began working on my characters again (I’m currently preparing for a number of Nanban runs to boost my finances).

And then I read the post – and commentary – in the Forums…


In one of my other sites (RandomGamingThoughts) I’ve been spending a good deal of time talking about another video game that I was enjoying for quite a while called The Division.  I’m not going to rehash everything I’ve written before (you can read my earlier posts here and at RandomGamingThoughts), but suffice it to say that both Ubisoft-Massive and Koei-OGPlanet are suffering from similar issues regarding customer service and satisfaction.  It’s sad to keep reading about the frustrations of players who’ve been dc’d out of GAMMA server while sailing in the ocean and it’s sad (although at times humorous)  to see those players take out their frustrations in the forums and on Facebook.  There’s still speculation that the TalesRunner hackers are continuing to DDOS OGPlanet, and that speculation isn’t going to go away until OGPlanet issues a definitive statement regarding that issue.  And yet it’s still disheartening to take breaks from UWO and then return to see the same issues plaguing this game again.  Having gone through the “lockout” issues that plagued The Division, I’m a little less flustered about OGPlanet’s server woes, but I’ve also happened to be online when their servers are actually running properly (i.e. evening hours Hawai’i Standard Time or approx. early morning hours Greenwich Mean Time).

In my latest post on RandomGamingThoughts (“Consumer Protection and Overwatch Hype – Why I’m Feeling a Bit Cynical These Days About AAA Games…”) I wrote a good deal about the need for greater anti-consumer protection in the video game industry.  The issue is a bit more complicated in the case of games like UWO because players are dealing directly with the distributor of the game (i.e. “OGPlanet”) rather than the developer/publisher (“KOEI”).  The fact that UWO is also a Japanese game that was translated for the international market does not make things simpler either.  Nevertheless, I still believe that people who play games like UWO should feel like they have a recourse to turn to if they feel like they are not being given the customer service that they deserve.  As someone mentioned in the OGPlanet forums, customers will simply find another place to spend their hard-earned money if they feel like they are wasting their time and money on UWO.

To be fair to OGPlanet, they seem to be more responsive to the constant server issues and have offered fairly generous compensation packages for past disruptions (especially when compared to Ubi-Massive’s efforts in The Division).  While OGPlanet is responsible for maintaining the UWO servers, KOEI still maintains control over game patches, so OGPlanet (to a certain degree) is caught in the middle when it comes to technical issues with the game.  But all that being said, I do sympathize with those players who feel like they are being “cheated” of their time and money, especially those players who have limited time and/or money for games.  I guess the only thing I can say to these players is that it never hurts to take a break from a game (or from gaming in general).  It’s hard not to get attached to a video game, especially one as immersive as UWO, but if there’s anything I’ve painfully learned over the past several years, it’s that it’s important to not get “too attached” to any video game.

[I think the Buddha talked a great deal about “letting go of attachments,” but like many important things in life, that’s more easily said than done….]


I hope that KOEI and OGPlanet will eventually be able to fix UWO’s server woes so that players can get back to enjoying this game again.  But it seems like I will have to be quite careful if I intend to do any kind of sailing outside of Europe (bring extra No-war pacts and supplies and minimize the deep ocean sailing as much as possible) until things stabilize with the servers again.



A Crazy Day


Monday has to have been one of the crazier days in my UWO life!  As I mentioned in my last post, I sailed to Calicut and then to Sumatra to complete an imperial quest for the Southeast Asia (SEA) port permits.  The voyage itself went rather smoothly, since there didn’t seem to be many players on the server yesterday (I’ll say more on that subject in a little bit).

But the real fun began as soon as I landed in at the SW Sumatra landing point.  As soon as I clicked on the landing point, a black screen appeared with these words:

“Game Default Settings Failed to Load”


Like a NASA Astronaut, I then decided to run a little checklist and “work the problem”:

1. Check my other in-game character (he was ok in Nantes)

2. Restart the game (same screen popped up)

3. Restart the computer, then the game (same screen again)

4. Email Netmarble about the problem (dont know if they ever responded, but I was starting to worry at this point)

5. Update Videocard driver (apparently my drivers were out-of-date, so I figured that may have caused the problem)

6. Uninstall, re-download, and re-install the UWO full client (that of course took some time)

7. Restart the computer again and load the game


I must confess that I was really worried that my main character was gonna be stuck in Sumatra for a long time.  After all the hours of sailing, grinding, and dungeon-ing; and on the verge of opening one of the most interesting regions in the entire game; was my entire Alvaro career gonna come to a screeching halt?  I was very worried, and a little frustrated, because all this was occurring at the same time that the network servers were crashing (which is why there were not many people online on Monday).

But thankfully my main character (and possibly my playing career) was saved!  After following the above steps, I sucessfully landed in Sumatra, ran my imperial quest there (which basically required me to run to a stack of boulders and click on them), and then sail back to Calicut to start receiving my port permit.  Unfortunately, I had to sail all the way back to Seville  to get the actual permit from Cardinal Tabera.

On my way back to Seville from Madeira, the second crazy part of my day on UWO happened.  The internet connection ring started turning to red, and I noticed my ship was sailing but not really moving.


My ship then began performing some pretty miraculous things, such as bouncing back and forth around the ocean like a rubber band, then sailing forward again, and then repeating the same process.  And then, just as my ship was finally reaching Faro, my game disconnected.

I was starting to worry again.

After another 10-15 tense minutes of restarting the game and game launcher, I was finally able to get back to my ship and steer it back to Seville.  The worst should be over, I thought, because I am so close to home….

And then I ran into a storm just outside (but beyond the reach of) the Seville docks.

So ended what has been one of my craziest sessions in UWO, or in any other video game in recent memory (besides Call of Duty, which is always a crazy game).

I still don’t know what has been causing the network issues on the UWO server, and I don’t think anyone else does.  And I also don’t know for sure why the game was crashing in Sumatra.  But I’m very grateful that the networks running smoothly again, and that I now have not only the SEA permit but also the Oceania permit (via the circumnavigation quest, which becomes available immediately after you receive your SEA permit).

I know there are no roller coasters in UWO, but yesterday was definitely a roller coaster-like experience for me in UWO land.

Today’s pretty much been sailing back and forth between Seville and Las Palmas/Faro for bizcocho ingredients, so I’m not gonna say much about all that.  But I did run into Cid finally, and we had a good long talk about my above misadventures (as well as other things).   I think that pretty much sums up everything.

And Now it’s time for bed.

More to Come….